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1、  The machine is installed, just adjusting screw the below four activities rack rotary machine to a smooth, then locking bolt.
2、  Check the oil height cabinets (46 # machine oil to be), as long as the guide pulley to keep the lower part of oil-soaked in about 15 mm.
3、  Switch on the power (the machine should have a good grounding) to check the spindle axis turning head should lead the direction of turn (clockwise).
4、  Set length in meters, which can according the users' demand, set on the electronic form length settings button.
5、  Tension adjustment, which can set up in electronic power form to set keys, number is larger power is up, otherwise a small adjustment range 0-9, where it gained power without electronic equipment used to adjust its tension wire clip board to adjust, and use the handle to be consistent contact, too tight tension on the hard-line column, looks to small. On the contrary line column on the soft, appearance are big.
6、  Pattern of adjustment found in the pattern formation of thin and dense, "thin" may adjust the handle to the left rotating pattern, "secret" is the right rotation can be adjusted to the necessary requirements.

2.Maintenance and repair

1、  Always pay attention to cabinets of oil, should maintain the oil clean and free from impurities, oil and No. 46 # machine oil, usually three months to replace one2、  Sliding part in the operation and often need to periodically clear the fly and dirt, to prevent the savings and affect machine life and product quality.

3、  Before work to support fixed-line axis frame and a guide plate sliding parts and oil the parts, not too much oil.

4、  Appear in products such as the production of irregular shape, and failure, etc., please press statement.

Forming undesirable phenomenon

Possible causes

Clear method

Product line of the surface depression

Too tight tension

Just e-clip wire tension reduce or loosen or weights inward, foreign mobile.

Expand-shaped surface of soft

Tension is too loose and not smooth

Increase in the electronic folder line tension plate tightened, or will balance the hammer heavier note Spindle concentricity eligibility or beating, to be corrected before driving.

Pattern over the surface of close pattern of overlapping

Guide pulley speed ratio is not right

Simply adjust the handle rotating around, until the pattern is qualified.

A thin pattern



On the surface found that there are big or small head

(This condition usually appears in the paper core machine)

Block inclined potential injustice by licensed board and lead guide plate bending

Potential board will be inclined by a small screw loose seat after the seat position by calibration, calibration wire guide plate and spindle axis.

Line at both ends of irregular column

Segment center of asymmetry or a traverse rod guide

Make lead segment 2-4 cm higher than spindle

Width of line column is shortened

Cabinets of the guide wheel has a rocky ledge or sliding sleeve excessive wear and tear

As long as the axle guide the top end of the thimble screw tight, replace sleeve.

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